Ten Filipino Desserts you should make for Christmas is a luscious once-over to help you plan your excursion good times! From cassava cake, Sapin to Leche flan, you’ll track down a sweet treat for everyone!

No Filipino celebration is done without some sweet or panghimagas to change the superb occasion. On the off chance that you’re looking for sweet treats for your get-away festivals, Kawaling Pinoy got you covered!

Attempt to check our recipe index for scrumptious considerations. From crema de fruta with without any planning wipe cake, pasta natural item salad with an uncommon go to homemade buko pandan ice cream with no frozen yogurt maker required, I am sure you’ll find something for everyone!

Sapin-Sapin –this layered rice cake is despite how heavenly as it may be pretty! You can without a very remarkable stretch change around the tones and flavors with various concentrates, exchange the ube with “green” buko pandan to fit the cheerful season!

Bibingkang Malagkit –rice cakes are an ordinary piece of our get-away celebrations as grains address abundance in the coming New Year. Lucky or not, this rice cake treat makes sure to wow the gathering!

Cassava Cake with Custard Topping – love Leche flan and cassava cake and can’t finish up which to make? As of now you don’t have to pick! This bewildering cassava cake goes with a rich custard beating, so you rout the two universes in each snack!

Maja Blanca Espesyal-there’s Maja Blanca, and there’s Maja Blanca Espesyal! This is maybe the most standard plans on the blog, especially during the Christmas season. May I say, its reputation is justified! It’s rich, smooth, and spilling over with corn and coconut flavor!

Kalamay Hati –this is another of our standard Filipino rice cakes you wouldn’t want to miss! It’s anything but’s a bit of genuine exertion to make, yet the cheap pieces are so worth the effort!

Halayang Ube –this smooth purple yam jam is one of irrefutably the principal Filipino cakes I sorted out some way to make and still my top pick to this date!

Leche Flan –It’s the smoothest, creamiest flan you’ll anytime make. I ensure!

Celebrated Bibingka –what is Filipino Christmas without bibingka? Made with glutinous rice flour, this Vigan variation is chewy and muddled!

Biko – phenomenal contrasted with other known Filipino extravagances, this sublime crude rice cake stacked with natural shaded sugar and coconut flavor justifies a spot on your Noche Buena table!

Pichi-If you’re looking for something light and not cloyingly rich and sweet, these steamed cassava patties made with recently progress coconut are a resuscitating fulfillment to a liberal gala!

I believe you find this overview obliging in your get-away dinner orchestrating. Much thanks to you benevolent for making Kawaling Pinoy a piece of your excursion celebrations. May the spirit of the period fill your home with amicability, fulfillment, and love!

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