How to Make Latik

February 13, 2020,  Kitchen Tips

A simple instructional exercise on How to Make Latik, brilliant coconut curds to use as fixing and seasoning for your #1 rice cakes and sweets!

Latik are solids that structure when coconut cream (making gata) is cooked down until it delivers its normal oils. These toasted pieces are sprinkled on Filipino treats and rice cakes to add flavor and crunch. The fragrant oil delivered from the interaction is generally brushed on different kakanin for smell and used to lube preparing container or banana leaves to ease evacuation.

Instructions to make latik is a clear cooking strategy where coconut cream is stewed, mixing routinely, until the curds separate from the oil and become brilliant. As the coconut cream is decreased to free of the dampness, two cups of the gat will yield about a large portion of a cup of latik.

Tips on How to Make Latik:

  • You can utilize coconut milk rather than the primary extraction yet it will take more time to decrease as it has more water content and less focus.As the latik will proceed to cook and brown in the lingering heat, channel from the hot oil right away.

    To guarantee even shading and to forestall consumed spots, mix much of the time when the cream starts to thicken. Utilize a non-stick container to hold the coconut solids back from staying.

 How to Use Latik

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